Unbundled smart meters in the new smart grid era assessment on compatibility with european standardisation efforts

Mihai SANDULEAC, Mihaela ALBU, Lucian TOMA


With the new active distribution network where distributed energy resources are increasingly present and where Smart meters will become the most ubiquitous equipment in low voltage (LV) networks, we are presenting a new Smart Meter solution and a corresponding MV/LV dispatch center to contribute to both new energy market challenges as well as to Smart Grid services and evolving requirements. We are addressing some specific aspects of observability in LV network, based on wide-spread IP communication solutions, such as Synchro-SCADA and data anonymization, and presenting network services to assist dispatch, using also background network programs in LV such as power flow and state estimator. Moreover, we are analyzing and proposing a unifying approach for both Smart Meters and Smart Grid architectures, to allow a complex Smart Grid functionality to be deployed even within the first wave of Smart metering roll-out. The concepts are in progress to be implemented in the European R&D project NOBEL GRID.


smart jmeter, standardisation, SGAM

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