EMERG represents an important landmark of the energy publications, the weight of the name being conferred both by the reputation of the editorial team and the published materials, as well as by the history and perseverance that the project has been published for more than three decades.

The new series has an Editorial Board that includes personalities recognized by the scientific world (university professors, scientific researchers, design or exploitation engineers, etc.) in our country and abroad. It appears under the aegis of two elite professional associations: the General Association of Engineers of Romania (AGIR) and the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC/RNC), established in 1924.

• For any reproduction, in whole or in part, of the materials published in EMERG, the approval of the editorial board is mandatory.
• The authors have signed a Copyright Transfer Statement and they take full responsibility for the content and originality of the published materials.
• The papers must not be submitted anywhere else for publication prior to acceptance/rejection by EMERG
• Suggestions and opinions can be sent to the AGIR Publishing House


Lacul Tei Bvd. #1-3, sector 2, 020371, Bucharest

ISSN 2668-7003
ISSN-L 2457-5011

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