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EMERG represents an important landmark of the energy publications, the weight of the name being conferred both by the reputation of the editorial team and the published materials, as well as by the history and perseverance that the project has been published for more than three decades.

The new series has an Editorial Board that includes personalities recognized by the scientific world (university professors, scientific researchers, design or exploitation engineers, etc.) in our country and abroad.


Authors and Authors responsibilities

Peer-review process

> the instructions presented in Template.docx are not respected
> the figures, pictures, or tables are not contained in the text
> the reviewers require modifications or supplementary information.

For more information about the review process please see the EMERG Methodology here

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Ownership and management

The “EMERG – Energy. Environment. Efficiency. Resources. Globalization” continues the tradition of the previous publications. „EMERG – Energy. Economics. Recovering. Household“(published during 1987 – 1996 by Editura Tehnica) and „EMERG – Energy. Environment. Economics. Resources. Globalization“ (published during 2005 – 2015 by Editura AGIR). In 2015, WEC/RNC became the editor of the publication with AGIR as the publishing house and in 2019 EMERG became a quarterly publication, BDI indexed.


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